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The product was shipped promptly and arrived very fast, 3 weeks. Works well, does not irritate the skin paper strips are very thin tend to break but meet the objective wash after removing the paper, the skin is soft 100% recommended product.

Maya Turner

Very affective, stronger than most other black charcoal masks I’ve tried. Though, the strip is not so much a peel off mask. Gotta apply a thick amount otherwise it’ll just crack.

Lamar Langworth

Very satisfied with product. really removing black sports together with small hair. I recommend this product.

Domingo Russel

The product arrived safely, just a box was wrinkled. I have already used it and the result is satisfying. I recommend the product. P.S. The papers a little bit thin, so be careful with it.

Jessika Mueller

Product really good and actually pulls. Hurts like s**t to pull on hairy surface but picked up dead skin and whiteheads from side of nose and chin. Took a month to arrive,,,, skin was actually super smooth a while after.

Elinor Harris

Love it!! Was bought for me as a gift and it works great!! I don’t gave a lot of blackheads, but it helped with my nose!

Lyndsey McDonald

Fast shipping. I like, but needs more than one layer of paper otherwise it rips.

Reymundo Collier

his is great. Best pore cleanser I’ve ever tried. Took a while to come in and there were problems with the tracking, I was concerned I wouldn’t have received it but it came in this morning and I’m so happy with the product.

Clara Skiles